I had the benefit of meeting Maitrik while working together at Sony and have continued to stay in touch as a friend and colleague. Maitrik is an outstanding developer - extremely passionate about technology and the web. He is always on the cusp of cutting edge tools and best practices. His strive for perfection and attention to detail shines throughout his work and he never hesitant to tackle any task. Maitrik continually goes above and beyond to get the job done. Outside of work, he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met - modest and grounded, while always trying to improve and grow in all aspects of his life. I seriously hope to work with him again at some point and would strongly recommend anyone to have him join your team.

JD Corr

Staff Software Engineer at Twitter

I've had the pleasure of working with Maitrik during his time at DocuSign. Maitrik is a very passionate developer who always thinks outside the box. He is incredibly talented, very knowledgeable, and has an eye for design. Maitrik would always generously share his time to answer questions and he did so with genuine intent. Any team would be lucky to have him!

Besada Nakhla

Software Engineer at DocuSign

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Maitrik over the past few years at DocuSign. We've worked together building component libraries, speaking at conferences, and even took first in a few hackathons. He's one of the most hardworking and dedicated engineers I know. He's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to web technology and UI design systems, to name a few. He's always learning and sharing with those around him. He's able to foster interpersonal relationships with empathy and charisma, making him an excellent colleague.

Adam Sartell

Senior Software Engineer at DocuSign

During my time at DocuSign, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Maitrik on a couple of projects including a PX mini-conference website and the making of DocuSign’s new design system. Maitrik is the ideal UI engineer possessing both technical and design expertise. He is my top go-to-guy when I have any questions on building components, Storybook, design tokens and design systems architecture, among other things. Aside from our shared passion for creating scalable design systems, we also enjoy running and have gone for a couple of runs together. He is not only an exceptional teammate, but also a great overall individual. I am sure Maitrik would be a solid addition to any team and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Jonathan Ruiz

Senior Product Designer at DocuSign

Maitrik is very talented and professional Software Development specialist. With his energy and commitment, the team always finishes development ahead with quality and scalable. He is a very good friend and coworker, always ready to help. Our team was really lucky having him.

Bun Ly

Senior Software Engineer at Prosper Marketplace

I worked with Maitrik at Prosper Marketplace, where everything he touched turned into gold. Maitrik is an incredibly talented front-end engineer with an eye for design and a ton of empathy for the user. He works hard and will take the time to implement design, interactions, and animations to spec. Maitrik will also take the time to help streamline development and design processes. For example, without anyone asking him, Maitrik took the initiative to componentize UI elements so that they would be reusable by other front developers and the UX team. Maitrik is a star, and any team would be lucky to have him. I highly recommend Maitrik.

Elizabeth Ha

Product Design @ Uber

Maitrik and I worked together on the investor growth side of Prosper Marketplace early in 2016. I can comfortably say that he is one of the most passionate engineers I have ever worked with. Maitrik brings the best that you could ask for from an engineering teammate: front-end expertise, strong product design chops, discipline in clarifying the user problem/solution to refine requirements, and a great work ethic. He also adds an x-factor by bringing in ideas to improve the user experience and new tools to help velocity. How he brings all of this to the table and still finds time to help startups is a mystery, but we need to bottle it and replicate.

Jin Hwang

Vice President at Goldman Sachs, Product Management Leader in FinTech

It was pleasure to work with Maitrik as a part of UX team at Actuate/Open Text. He is a very knowledgeable developer with a wide variety of skills and passion for great UI. He always strives for learning and perfecting new skills. Maitrik would always quickly develop working prototypes of mocks passed to him by designers, at the same time balancing few other projects, developing for product and web. Maitrik is very easy to communicate with and has a great open-minded personality, that brings a meaningful touch to any project he works on.

Kate Smirnov

Product Designer | UI/UX | Trucker Path

Maitrik is very passionate and extremely customer focused in his approach to his work. He has a keen eye for details related to UI design. He is patient and yet very firm about his point of view. His energy is contagious for the entire team! It is absolutely a great pleasure to work with him.

Sanjay Pol

Co Founder at Internet of Things Startup

Maitrik is a true wunderkind, combining technical mastery, UX insight, and business savvy in one combustible package. If you are looking for a developer who will move heaven and earth to build the best solution, he is your guy. But you will get much more: a relentless drive to explore the most innovative approaches, an eagerness to solve thorny issues in design and development process, and a source of valuable insights into other aspects of UX design.The quality of our work trebled after Maitrik joined our team. And because he is also enormous fun to work with, the UX group morale soared. He is an asset on many fronts and I whole-heartedly recommend him.

Steven Sassaman

Senior UX Manager at Neustar, Inc.

Maitrik is an excellent front end developer who understand modern website design and knows how to translate any design into beautiful website. He gives feedback to designers, takes active interest in the entire product design process and writes clean, maintainable code. It was a pleasure working with Maitrik and would highly recommend him.

Raghu Kodige

Founder & Chief Product Officer at Alphonso Inc [We are Hiring!!]

It was a privilege to work with Maitrik on the UX team at Actuate. He not only had the skills as a developer to execute our visions quickly and effectively, but the willingness to learn new techniques and strategies to make sure all of our ideas could be implemented. His design sense makes him invaluable as a front end developer and his positive energy makes him a fantastic addition to any team. I would absolutely recommend Maitrik on the basis of not only his technical skills, but also because he is an excellent communicator and has an overall great attitude.

Rebecca Sorensen

Lead Product Designer at Sumo Logic

Maitrik is an extremely dedicated worker and passionate front end web developer. His work ethic is what sets him apart from other developers. He plays well with other team members and is very easy to work with. I definitely want to have him on my team again and would recommend him to any organization.

Jony Cheung

Engineering manager | Agile advocate | From the SF Bay Area

Maitrik is an exceptional team member and technologist. He inspires his peers with a passion for emerging technologies and is constantly striving to achieve the best results technically and creatively for our clients. Maitrik has the ability to communicate with a simple, friendly language and a great sense of humor. Although his domain is technology, he communicates and collaborates well with creatives and producers, often getting great feedback for his candid assessments and willingness to stretch what is possible. I am torn writing this recommendation, I would rather not entertain or enable the possibility of Maitrik being recruited away from my team, but he is a smart developer, a dedicated and honest / earnest person...qualities that are impossible to hide from the world. He has a lot of potential...a true spark, I enjoy having him on my team and depend on him...It has been a privilege to be part of his journey and professional development.

Alexis Lauro Jain

Senior Manager, Software Engineering | Corporate Web Team at DocuSign

Maitrik is one of the hardest working people I know. He is always willing to go the extra mile for a project, no matter how big or small. He like bringing new ideas to the table and stays on top of a lot of the new technologies coming out. He is a pleasure to work with and I admire is drive and passion for anything we works on.

Vanessa Garcia

Freelance Web Developer/Designer

Maitrik is one of the most tenacious and dedicated developers I have ever worked with during my 15 years in web development. On my last project, whenever there was a development challenge that required a large amount of research and follow-through, Maitrik was always the first developer I would think of putting on it. He lives and breathes everything front-end. He keeps ahead of technology trends not just for the sake of his work, but because he loves it. His insight into industry developments has proved invaluable on multiple occasions.Maitrik is a pleasure to work with. He is very easy going and always eager to help his teammates in any way he can. He is willing to go the extra mile when it matters most, working nights and weekends when the project needed it.It is this combination of skill, dedication, and passion which make me wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Maitrik for any position he might apply for.

J Hausmann

Senior Frontend Engineer at Taboola

Maitrik is a great developer. He is able to jump in and break down complex projects, learn and solve problems and then teach the process to other developers. He is passionate about technology and will talk your ear off about the newest technologies. He is a positive influence on the rest of the team beyond just the developers. I was glad to work with him and would be happy to do so again.

Jared Stanley

Creative Leader and Technology Development Professional

Maitrik is someone I definitely want to with again in the future. He is very responsible and his skills are top notch! He works very well with people and especially in new environments regardless of the pressures of the job. He will come in with a smile and keep the team in a good mood.

Tiffany Marie Corpuz

Digital Director, Luxury at AMOREPACIFIC

Maitrik has displayed technical competence, and excellent interpersonal skills while doing his internship at Disney. He was able to learn a complex Data warehouse environment, and contribute in very meaningful ways in a short period of time. Maitrik will be a great asset to any organization.

Pramod Kunju

Data Guru | Author | Keynote Speaker

I am writing this reference for Maitrik Patel. My relationship with Mr. Patel is as his supervisor at the Office of International Education and Exchange (IEE) where he worked as the International Education Technology Assistant. In his time at IEE he worked on projects for our office’s two websites, I supervised his work on the study abroad website. Mr. Patel was able to take abstract ideas that I would give him and turn it into something even better that would make our website more efficient. Mr. Patel was also instrumental in making sure that the website was 508 compliant, meeting all requirements for ADA accessibility.In addition to just doing what was required of him, Mr. Patel would also engage in other activities and events hosted by the IEE Office, including: International Student Orientation, Cross Cultural Conversations and International Coffee Break. Mr. Patel has a great deal of knowledge and professionalism within his field as well as great interpersonal communication skills.I am certain Mr. Patel will be an excellent addition to any company or program he chooses to participate in. Mr. Patel is a great student, ambassador and leader. Sincerely,

Kathryn Morrissey

Coordinator of Study Abroad at California State University-Sacramento

Maitrik is a versatile engineer competent in many aspects of technology such as analysis, design, visualization, and development. He has demonstrated a remarkable ability to translate high-level requirements into elegant solutions.

Wesley Nam

ETL Developer at The Walt Disney Company

Maitrik is passionate about Computer science technologies and data base field.Some of the presentation slides that he has prepared within short span of time was amazing and motivating . I would recommend him as a data analyst/data developer and he will be an asset to any project.

Raju Kodumuri

Data Integration Lead at The Walt Disney Company

Maitrik helped the team with DB object inventory which helped new team members get a deeper understanding of the DB structure. He worked out of the box on how to achieve his deliverables. He is proactive and has the ability to look ahead of what might be beneficial to the team. Maitrik is very task oriented and has great potential.

Rachel Capiral

Data Warehouse Manager

I have worked with Maitrik and I find him to be an good developer. He is very creative and has good problem solving skills. He has a good scene of pictures. He is really good with Adobe products. Maitrik works good with his peers and and he always had a great working relationship with me. Also I work with Maitrik in various graduate projects. He is really good in User Interface design. I recommend Maitrik to any organization.

Viraj Kulkarni

Senior Software Engineer at Intuit

I would like to recommend Maitrik Patel. He proved to be a conscientious worker in our office, who not only completed tasks in a timely manner, but also introduced new ideas to help our office enhance our services. He is approachable and teachable, while having the IT knowledge that our office needed.

Amber Nakamura

International Student Advisor at Cal State Fullerton

Maitrik consistently provides quality work and is efficient at working independently as well as in a team. He takes the initiative to volunteer for activities beyond his normal responsibilities.

LayTuan Tan

Director, International Education & Exchange at California State University, Fullerton

Maitrik was my student at G.H.Patel college of engineering. he was the Chair of IEEE branch at institute. he has given excellent support to the branch activities. he always brings innovation in the event organization. as a person he is a very mild person to work with him. he is always believe in quality work and punctuality. Responsibility is a major component of his attitude. best luck for your future.

Rakesh Patel

Associate Professor at G H Patel college of Engineering & technology