DocuSign GreenScore

When Hackathon project become product feature

Role: UX Prototyping, Design, Development

Tools: React, JS, Html, CSS


Showcase environmental impact made by DocuSign consumers by using DocuSign and saving papers.



Develop basic calcualtion using Excel file.

Greenscore Calculator


Develop data visualization dashboard to showcase environmental impact over wood, water, time, money and others.


Hacked environmental impact saving dashboard to showcase impact over DocuSign usage in 2017 DocuSign Engineering Hackathon.



GreenScore Marketing webpage and Product dashboard

  • Implemented marketing webpage to Calculat environmental impact without login.
  • Web application developed environmental saving data visualization dashboard in account overview.
  • GreenScore was 2017 DocuSign Engineering Hackathon winning project.
  • Docusign Laucnhed DocuSign for Forests as commitment to helping protect and preserve the world’s forests.