OpenText iHub , BI and data analytics software

Role: Development, UX Prototyping, Design System

Tools: HTML, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, SCSS


OpenText iHub is the commercial platform for all BIRT content. It is a deployment server that helps developer managing report content. Moreover it provides visualization tools and gives control of users and users group to system administrator. The viewing capability of iHub is superb. It allows interactivity; sorting, filtering, and exporting.


Use a Whiteboard in Brainwriting for Creative Ideas



Athena Design System

Developed centralize, efficient and reusable component based living Design System for a unified experience across different applications using Yeoman, LESS, HTML5, Bootstrap, RequireJS, JavaScript, AngularJS, MVC, jQuery, JSON.

Athena is a standard framework offering developers access to a revised design framework employed in multiple products.

Athena was the home for our in-house design framework. Built and maintained by the UX team, it included visual assets (such as icons and buttons), layouts, and prototypes. Developers could access these libraries to pull down Bootstrap-based elements and code to build or revise product screens as necessary.

Providing usable elements rather than just static specifications helped streamline the development process and also allowed the UX team to quickly publish updates to engineers across the company’s far-flung locations.

The site was so successful that it also became the home for the company’s brand guidelines and assets.

Athena eventually split into two sites (blue and green), one offering the standard framework and the other offering developers access to a revised design framework employed in certain products.

OpenText Athena Design System


Used Athena to rebrand Actuate to OpenText.

Led rebranding project for transforming Actuate data analytics product to OpenText visual and interaction Athena Design System.


OpenText Ftype and iHub

I was working as part of UX team to provide collaborative environment between visual designer and engineers through UI refresh, and improved certain functionalities to make sure that users find what they need.

All this time I was working very closely with UX team, PM, product marketing, and engineering team. I involved heavily in day-to-day agile standup meetings during the implementation phase, and involved in usability testing.

OpenText Ftype


IhubAnalytics and Data Visualization Platform