Redesigning Peer-to-peer lending marketplace for investors and borrowers

Role: Development, Branding, Design System

Tools: AngularJS, scsss, Javascript, webpack

Problem/Goal: is a peer to peer lending marketplace that provides convenient and low-cost loans to consumers — and allows individuals to invest in these loans.

Prosper always required to maintain balance between borrowers and investors for sustainable business.

Prosper required to develop redesigned, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and automated investor platfrom to attract more retail investment to fund borrowers' loans.


As the needs of investors continue to evolve, two things remain paramount – they want to put their money to work quickly and easily, and see solid returns. And while historically, Prosper has delivered on the promise of attractive returns, the investment site hasn’t always been the easiest to navigate.


Build Prosper investor’s mobile-friendly site with more powerful, intuitive tools so they can invest more easily, track portfolio performance and reach fixed-income investing goals.

A new cornerstone feature of the platform is Auto Invest, a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that enables customers to automatically purchase Notes based on their personal investment criteria.


Developed Prosper Living Style-guide with reusable visual elements and angular directives using Fabricator, AnuglarJS, webpack, foundation 6 and SASS which used for Prosper redesign and rebrand.

Worked in an Agile development environment using Test Driven Development concepts, SEO friendly, W3C standards, and A/B testing concepts.

Gathered requirements from the UX and documenting it to estimate and analyzing specifications and the time for UI architecture development, to support the growing feature set of investor product, and deliver a delightful user experience to customers.

Redesigning retail investor experience

Prosper unveils new retail investor experience

The new features of the retail investor experience include:

  • Account Dashboard: The new at-a-glance account overview makes it easy to see how your portfolio is performing.
  • Auto Invest in Seconds: Once your investment criteria have been saved, Auto Invest will start investing on your behalf with as little as $25 per Note.
  • Portfolio Customization: Use the Auto Invest tool to build your desired portfolio. Pick a target investment mix according to your specified criteria or create your own custom mix.

Prosper new retail investor experience


Prosper Investor Registeration

Redeveloped Investor's 5 step signup registeration flow to increase conversion rate. Constantly update signup forms with A/B test data to identify and reduce signup dropoff.


Prosper Investor marketing web pages


Global Header and Footer

Developed cross-platform compatible and responsive web design techniques to create global Header and Footer for web-application and marketing web pages for Investor & Borrower using HTML5, Ruby, CSS3, Require.js, Gulp, AngularJS.

Prosper Header and Footer

Develop Prosper API documentation site

Prosper for Developers

This site provide a set of introductory, security, and API reference material to help you understand how to develop with Prosper.

Prosper provides APIs to quickly locate, search for, bid on, and filter through loan investment options. Build a portfolio that suits your investment needs.

Develop Prosper API documentation site